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Elizabeth Tang

 "I remember the first time I was in her class, it was BODYCOMBAT. Can you imagine only by being there, her aura simply change the atmosphere of the entire class. It was the first time a Master Trainer came to our small town of Surabaya (Indonesia). I was high in excitement and anticipation and it was simply the best class ever, top notch!

I have always been a fan of BODYCOMBAT and I've learned my own technique by mimicking the instructors, but with Judy there, she corrected and perfected that technique. After class, I was so happy that I smiled, but my body was so sore, my legs can even dance on their own. This goes the same with BODYPUMP. Her energies hit the roof and it was awesome.

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Jeannie Chester

Trans-fer-ence: noun. the act or process of transferring; thefactofbeingtransferred.

My husband and I visited with a gym, and got our first membership a year agoAugust 2012, because we wanted to attend a Zumba class that a ZIN we knew invited us to. We got a taste of what it was like and wanted to be able to do as much of the Zumba classes as we wanted.We discovered there were many other Group Fitness classes available and felt as if we were children in a candy store!

We had watched some of the Les Mills Body Pump andBody Combat classes, from the outside of the door, and thought perhaps someday we would be able to attend one of the classes. It was not until December that we attended, and the experiences were exhilarating! We definitely sweated our butts off at each class and we had so much fun doing so! We were fortunate enough to have started the classes before Judy Kingarrived to visit and help the gym.

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