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Living mostly on the road, I am inspired every day by my new surroundings and the interesting people I meet. This is the space where I love to share those experiences, as well as my thoughts, workouts and movement tips! Please leave feedback which are constructive and/or comments that help to inspire others!

TRX & Bosu Workout

Combining TRX & Bosu is a great way to train and I am especially enjoying playing around with both of these tools in my weekly training sessions! I love just using the gym and the various training modalities as my playground and doing whatever comes to me at the time - I have had some of my best workouts like this. Being spontaneous, creative and fun is exactly how I love to live my life - so why not train like this?!

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BodyCombat 50 Filming Week!

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 It feels like the filming happened such a long time ago, but it has actually been just over 3 months. I haven’t blogged about my experience during filming week yet as I have been absolutely run off my feet! I am getting really excited about the upcoming workshops  and have had lots of people asking me about my experience during the filming, so here we go! I hope this will help build your own anticipation and excitement towards seeing BODYCOMBAT 50 for yourself real soon.

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Passion, Motivation & the 5 D's

Recently I facebooked my thought for the day about passion and motivation and how it takes what I call the 3 D’s (Desire, Dedication & Determination). I cant remember where I picked it up from, but when I was competing in Ms Fitness titles I would use this to help keep me focused. So in my preparation for filming, I tapped back into this and used this as my blueprint to get to New Zealand (for BODYCOMBAT 50 DVD Filming), not only injury free – but fitter and stronger than before.

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My Road to Recovery & BODYCOMBAT 50 Filming Preperation

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My injury has been one of those life lessons that its tough to go through, but perhaps necessary. Everything that happens to us good or bad has a deeper meaning & I have discovered that this was a reminder (a big one!) that I can not just give to everyone else and not take care of my own body.  The philosophy of “My body is my temple” had been misplaced for a period of time as I was giving too much of my attention to those around me and ‘the world’ & therefore the body spoke out - loud and clear, “what about me?”

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Beijing & The Great Wall

Although I have been to China several times before, it was my first visit to Beijing and my first time presenting TRX at the AFEEX (Fitness Convention) so I was super excited to be there.  It was definitely different to what I was expecting and I immediately loved it. Sometimes I just get a sense for a place and this is what happened in Beijing. The buildings were all so impressive, and the city had an energy about it which energized me. The convention was being held at one of the most amazing sports school’s (Shichahai Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE TH ) I have ever seen, and right next door to a lake which had walking streets (Lotus Lane) on either side which was filled with restaurants, bars and street stalls that were selling gifts and crazy food to eat such as scorpions, sea horse, snake and more.. I’ve eaten some weird things in Thailand but I wasn’t feeling so adventurous here! Maybe I just needed a few drinks! (Ha ha) The place was filled with people, walking, playing, drinking, eating and it was just a fun place to hang out.

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Join me for the first BODYPUMP Advanced Instructor Module 2 in Malaysia!!!

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Chasing dreams!

One of my good friends recently emailed me about why she decided to chase after her dream to compete in an Ironman.. I was totally inspired after reading it, and so proud of her and I asked her if I could share it with all of you on my blog..  Her response was this - "Not a problem! I think it's pretty amazing that I can inspire u when u r my inspiration so often." 

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Focussed on getting fitter & stronger than ever before!

Well the weekly updates I was planning have not exactly come to fruition due to my ongoing battle with my neck injury which led to shoulder impingement and now nerve problems down both arms into hands. The nerve problems going down into my left thumb and index finger hit a peak while I was in Beijing for the AFEEX Convention while presenting for TRX..

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The first of my mini updates!

I am constantly amazed at how things can change in an instant! Who would have thought within 6 months I would have shifted countries twice and would find myself living in Vietnam! I knew Macau was temporary and when things started to veer off in the wrong direction, I had no idea what was next.. I didn’t have much time to think about it because the call came and two days later I was in Vietnam consulting for 2 weeks and within a week was offered a year contract with California Fitness & Yoga, overseeing group programming.  Thankfully I knew the team from when I trained them prior to the club opening over 3 years ago, and they were as excited to work with me as I was to work with them.. Another new & exciting challenge!

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Presenting at the 2011 AFEEX (Asian Fitness Education Expo)

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