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Living mostly on the road, I am inspired every day by my new surroundings and the interesting people I meet. This is the space where I love to share those experiences, as well as my thoughts, workouts and movement tips! Please leave feedback which are constructive and/or comments that help to inspire others!

TRX Suspension Training Lower Body Workout (Part 1)

I have put together a 3 part series TRX suspension training workout divided into lower, upper and core. Check out the lower body component which is awesome for strengthening, shaping and toning - targeting thighs, glutes and core!

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TRX RIP Punch/Drag Combo

TRX RIP Training is one of my favorite ways to train in combination with TRX Suspension Training. It's a great way to develop rotational speed & power, core strength, full body strength! On top of that - its serious FUN!

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30 Ways to be Amazing!

Recently, I was inspired by one of my mentors to develop my own list of how to be amazing. They came from my heart and from the way I aspire to live every day of my life.  I hope you can remind yourself daily, to share your energy with others, smile brightly and live the way you believe is Amazing!

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Presenting FuZion Training at AFEEX 2012 in Bejing

I am so excited to be presenting my own program for the first time at AFEEX in Beijing on August 2nd! And I am just excited to be back in Beijing for the 2nd year :)

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TRX Metabolic Workout

I love having no plan and just going for it in my training space – this was a result of just going with what I felt (totally in the moment) and it was a wicked 30 minute workout! If you have more time and want to go for longer, repeat the rounds again! I like to keep my workouts short & intense! You choose what works best for you!

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Judy King Launches TRX® Suspension Training® in Vietnam!

TRX® Suspension Training® is leading the change in the fitness industry! It’s a simple idea, great product and is essential for anyone wanting to develop functional fitness, stability and core strength. For me, it just feels right for my body and keeps my muscles lean and fast! 

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Top 12 Daily Actions to Massively Impact Your Life

These are my top 12 daily actions which have helped keep me focused & driven towards achieving my goals year after year (even on the most challenging days)!

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My Switzerland & Dubai Trip!


My first trip of the year took me to Europe (Switzerland) & UAE (Dubai) - for the first time ever! In all of the years I have traveled its hard to believe that I had never made it to this part of the world! I am thankful to say, that now I have! I love visiting new places, meeting different people (from all over the world) and gaining the opportunity to learn and grow through the experience of working & traveling.

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2012 is here! Happy New Year!

I am pleased to say good bye to 2011 – with all its ups and downs, and move forward to the Year of the Dragon! Yeah baby! The year where the spirit of the Dragon is in the air! The past year taught me many great lessons which I have grown from and will use to make this year bigger and better than ever! For me, 2012 is about excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity!  Being a Dragon baby myself, I believe in taking this year with both hands, and creating a year that is fueled with energy, passion, enthusiasm, love, joy, abundance & an unstoppable attitude!

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Judy Launches CX WORX in Vietnam!

Les Mills CX WORX is the new revolutionary core training program. It is no ordinary workout! It helps you run faster, play harder and stand stronger!

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