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Living mostly on the road, I am inspired every day by my new surroundings and the interesting people I meet. This is the space where I love to share those experiences, as well as my thoughts, workouts and movement tips! Please leave feedback which are constructive and/or comments that help to inspire others!

Time For Change

By Judy King

So you have identified a specific area of your life which requires some change, yet you keep putting off doing something about it. Or perhaps you have reached a point where you have said ‘enough is enough’, it’s time to make a change yet you still do nothing. Life gets a hold of you and you continue with the same patterns and habits inside your bubble (which we all have!).

I am sure at one point or another you have made the promise to yourself that you will start eating better, get your weekly workouts in, give up smoking and drinking, stop the negative self talk, be more confident and stand up for yourself in your relationship, or make more time for yourself. All too often, however, the promised day is past you and still you have nothing to achieve your goal.

It’s frustrating because you want to do it, yet you are constantly delaying the first (and perhaps the most important) day of change. Eventually, it feels as if its an impossible task that you give up before you even start anything.

What if I told you it is possible to start those changes today… and you can start right here and right now.

Why We Put Off the First Day of Change

Change requires pushing your comfort zone boundaries, and this means a little initial discomfort. Anything which requires changes to our daily routine can result in difficult and challenging periods as our new day to day tasks are replaced with new ones. Establishing new habits and skills can be like a personal battle ground where retreat looks like the best defense.

Think about those things you have always wanted to change, those ones you have scheduled into your diary for Monday or at some point next week. Quite commonly, the end result is us never getting around to it. How easy is it to come up with good reasons (also known as excuses) as to why we cant do it, start it or take that first step towards change?

By postponing the first day of change, we seek to shield ourselves from that critical moment when we have to finally confront our discomfort. You’ve probably used excuses like:

  • I’m not ready
  • I am too tired
  • The timing’s all wrong
  • I’m too busy

All of the above (and others) could be reasons you use to justify not starting today. On the surface, they may appear to be valid excuses but, deep down, they’re more likely a clever  delaying tactic to put off taking that critical first step towards change.

Unless you get serious and totally commit to the changes needed for a new life, you’ll find the same old excuses apply equally no matter when you aim to begin. Get real with yourself – if you’re not ready now, when will you be?

How to Get Ready for the First Step


Preparation is super important before you embark upon any life change. Do your homework and anticipate the challenges. Plan how you’ll react when you come up against setbacks: for example, how you’ll cope when you crave that cigarette or chocolate bar you’re trying to do without.

Support Network

Create your tribe who will support you no matter what happens. Share your intention to change with a friend or family member. Get their support so they understand how important it is to you and so they understand where you are at and how important it is for them to be there for you. This gives your support network you need to encourage you along your journey.

Some people also find that, by putting it out there to others, they’re more likely to stick to getting started and continuing. Others, however, prefer to get going in private as they don’t like feeling under pressure from anyone else’s expectations. Whichever works best for you is your choice, and the best part is you get to decide.

While preparation is important, don’t let it stop you from actually rolling up your sleeves and getting on with it. The truth is that you’re never going to feel 100% ready or equipped to cope with every eventuality, but suck it up despite this and deal with any issues as they develop. If you’re going to succeed, you need to get started at some point!

Start Easy!

OK so you have made the decision to make a change in your life and you are ready to commit! You can either go all out or start gradually and ease yourself into forming new habits.

From my experience, the all-or-nothing approach can wear us out and although we may see results fast, the changes are usually not sustainable. Easing ourselves into the changes are the best way to build a solid foundation and help us feel more successful in the long run.

For an example if you want to shed a few kilos and you have poor eating habits, focus on making one simple change each month, for example replace certain foods with alternatives, develop that as a new habit and then layer in the next change the following month – I have seen and worked with many clients who have found this approach to be way more achievable and have achieved outstanding results. What this does is allows you to replace old habits at a pace your mind and  body can handle. It all comes down to a small shift in your mindset.

Start now!

There is no time like the present. Start making your changes now, today! You don’t need to schedule anything in, do anything first to get more organized, or gain more knowledge – take a small step in the direction of what you want and get the momentum started. For example if you want to be more confident in your career, there is no need to set a date for this. Instead, take action today by either taking higher care in how you dress and look, write in a journal the 50 things you love about yourself, or be more assertive and self-assured with a colleague right away. Definitely get the self help books, study those and take action but also learn from what you are currently doing or not doing in your life right now. When you feel more confident, stretch your new attitude and skills to those around you. Your goals will become a reality by taking small action steps. As all of those small steps start to compound, and the momentum continues to build, you become unstoppable.

Setting a start date for some time in the future for your first day of change can lead to too much focus and attention on the big day. There becomes an internal (and possibly external) pressure that it’s got to work for you on that day – or else you have failed.

So ask yourself, what is to stop you from quietly beginning your first day of change right now?

No stress, no fuss. Simply put into practice the tips you have read on how to do it get going.

Today is as good as any to start.

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Productivity Through Purpose

By Judy King


It is incredibly easy to get distracted with the amount of time consuming in influences surrounding us, such as email, social media, phone calls, texting and online chatting for example.


We also make ourselves feel as though we are getting a lot done when quite often we are only getting the small stuff done, without digging into the real important bigger tasks.


Catch yourself doing this, set yourself boundaries (eg mail and social media alerts turned off) and redirect your focus back to your most important goals for the day. These need to be the ones which when achieved, it will have been a successful day! Through attention to your purpose each day, you will achieve limitless productivity!


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By Judy King


There is only one way to attract and create the life you want and it is by focusing on what you want (not what you don’t want). Be specific and clear on what you want in your life. Is it to be happy, exercise regularly, start the business of your dreams or get your dream job, lose a few kilos, make more friends or travel the world?


By directing your focus to what you want, you are creating a forward movement, an attraction, a vibration and energy towards the most important aspects of your life. When you apply this, what you will start to notice is what you are focusing on will be drawn to you like a magnet. The people and opportunities you need to support you towards what you want. Sounds easy enough right? Well, not exactly!


Choose one area in your life (health, career, finances, relationships, personal, education, adventure) where you are not where you want to be and{tortags, let’s get started together! Together we will identify what is stopping you from maintaining your focus and create clarity, direction and laser point focus towards the life you want!


Join me at my Unleash Your True Inner Power Seminar January 21-22, 2017 in Asoke, Bangkok. You will learn to eliminate and replace personal blocks with powerful strategies to change your life | Change your financial capabilities for a more secure future | Create the most respectful and nurturing relationships with your loved ones | Improve family relationships | Discover what you want in life |

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How comfortable is the comfort zone really?


Have you ever found yourself in a comfort zone that became stagnant and boring? Almost too comfortable. Like it was so comfy that you searched and craved something more?


I know very few people who are able to get all cosy in their comfort zone and stay there forever. Most of us get fidgety. We want something new, something more. We feel something, an urge, a gut instinct, a voice in the back of our minds telling us there is something else out there yet to be seen or achieved or perhaps a yearning to grow and expand.


Others really thrive off living within that comfort zone. They resist and fight to stay within the confine of this limited space. They ignore opportunities and avoid anything that might open them up to the world of the unknown. But as much as comfortable as that feels, even they don’t get to stay put.


Life doesn’t work that way. We live on a planet (and within a universe) that is constantly evolving. Everything around us is changing, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day and moment to moment.  The seasons, nature, animals, human’s – we all respond to these changes within the planet. Everything follows a cycle and nothing remains unchanged.


Think for a moment about energy, and how our own energy is fluctuating every moment and every day – why is that and for what purpose is this constantly changing? What if, your comfort zone wasn’t as stable as you imagined it to be, or wished it was?


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Bridge the Gap between what you ‘do’ eat and what you ‘should’ eat!

Do you or your family get sick often? Do you frequently feel tired and run down? Is it nearly impossible to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables? Are you eating the recommended 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day? If the answer is yes to any of these, then the benefits of Juice Plus+® are super important for you and your family. 

For many years almost every health institute and association has been recommending and highlighting the importance of eating at least 5 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day.

Take a look at some of the incredible health benefits:

* Stronger immune system
* Healthier skin
* Healthier gums
* Protection against heart diseases
* Slows down the effects of ageing
* Reduction of inflammation

The benefits are due to the powerful combination all of the vitamins and minerals as well as the enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fibre contained within the fruits and vegetables. The best part is there are many more potential benefits such as increased energy, sleep better, better eye sight and our bodies simply functioning better.

How many people actually eat 7 – 13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every single day? For those that do, I commend you. Most people may eat a 1-2 pieces of fruits a day and 1-3 cooked vegetables at dinner. There is a significant gap between what they should be eating and what they do eat!

‘I have been using Juice Plus+® for more than 16 years. Within just a few days I could feel a change with more energy, and as a few months went on the results continued. I craved more fruits and vegetables, woke alert, my hair and nails grew stronger and immune system was clearly stronger. It was the first and only time I had ever felt any significant difference from a supplement. Two times in my life I stopped for short periods and both times I caught colds, felt a drop in energy and woke feeling tired. After the second time, I swore I would never stop taking it again, because my work and family depend on me to stay well, strong, and physically healthy. I was using Juice Plus+® throughout my pregnancy which made me feel empowered as I knew my body was getting exactly what I needed for myself and my baby, every single day! 

For some of the frequently asked questions, click here 

For more information on the incredible research studies which have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world, click here 

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the product and opportunity to share this with others and join us on our mission to positively change people’s lives.

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Pumping while traveling and flying with breast milk!

As I started traveling for work just 2 months after having Brooklyn I have had my fair share of experience in this department and get asked the question  “how do you bring the milk back for your baby while traveling for work?” quite often. 

Traveling without baby can be very stressful and especially in the lead up to the trip to ensure there is enough milk for baby while you are gone. A good rule of thumb is to have 1 ounce per every hour you will be away. So one full day, 24 hours you will need 24 ounce. (Brooklyn actually wasn't a heavy drinker, and your baby may need more but you will learn very quickly after your first trip, so I recommend stocking up extra just to be sure initially.)

We have always used paced bottle feeding for Brooklyn to ensure she doesn’t get overfed and to avoid nipple confusion and we have always had enough milk for her during my trips away. Most days she would have between 16 – 20 ounce per day and she has always easily gone back onto my breast for feeding upon my return. She had just 2 times when she refused the breast and we had to give her the bottle instead. We had also started bottle feeding 1 x per day from 5 weeks just to make sure she would take it. (Some friends who didn’t introduce early enough have had their babies refuse anything but the boob. Definitely not a good position to be in if you have to travel for work.)

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The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in #YourFrameOfMind


The ability to achieve anything and everything you set your mind too starts and ends with you. It’s a choice. Quite simply. It’s not that simple you say? Why not? Why does it have to be difficult, hard or not achievable?


The code of the successful relies on their frame of mind. Their beliefs, attitude, values, and experience. The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves.


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Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Breast Feeding Mum's

1. Nuts & Seeds

These are an easy and healthy snack which you can always have with you while you are out and about in your diaper bag! Yes, sadly most of us don’t carry our own handbag these days! I don’t leave home without my little stash! Be careful though, its super easy to demolish an entire bag in one sitting, so just a handful or two at most! I will also consume a piece of fruit to balance out the protein/fat intake at the same snack time. 

Here is a list of some options, so I suggest throwing together a little mix of your favorites! My personal favorite mix has to be (Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil, Sunflower) – delicious!

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Exercise during your first trimester

If you have been committed to a regular exercise routine prior to becoming pregnant you can continue exercising the same as you have been. Depending on the type of exercise, you may want to decrease the intensity and duration of your workouts based on how you feel.

I am a strong believer in listening to your body. Us women were built with strong intuitions so this is the time to listen to those closely.

Quite simply, if it feels good – do it, if it doesn’t – STOP! (Don’t stop all together, but stop that exercise, REST and find something else that does feel OK for you.) Some workouts that are lower in intensity which may be more suitable are pilates, yoga or BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW (for the Les Mills fanatics!).

The key thing to remember is you are not working out to lose weight or to get into the best shape of your life! You are exercising to stay healthy, fit, strong, maintain your muscle mass and prepare for a healthy pregnancy, easier labor (I said easier, not easy) and faster recovery.

Are you totally new to exercise or haven’t worked out in a while? No problem!

This is definitely not the time to start a vigorous exercise regime, but it’s a great idea to get moving (walking, cycling, pilates, yoga and weight training) in order to become stronger throughout your pregnancy. Labor is definitely an event we need to prepare for physically and mentally, as well as having strength for your little one after he/she arrives (carrying, lifting, wearing). 

I personally continued everything I loved during my first and second trimester – although I wouldn’t push myself as hard. I did Muay Thai, BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, CX WORX, BODYBALANCE, TRX, walking, running, cycling, weight training, pilates and yoga.

I believe Pilates is an excellent foundation for all mum’s-to-be as you learn how to recruit and strength your pelvic floor & deep core muscles which play a huge role in labor and vital for recovery.

Most importantly, listen to yourself and do what feels right for YOU!  Please don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

So often people would be scared watching me workout (quite often I had people telling me to stop what I was doing, or people giving me weird looks), due to their own fears and beliefs which they were putting on to me (based on their own opinions!). I learned and chose to ignore them.

Being pregnant is a time when our bodies are changing massively. Working out is the best thing we can do for ourselves physically AND mentally as we are faced with these changes.

Please share your comments and experiences with your own pregnancy below and if you have any questions, please ask away!


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What to do when you're due! Exercise & Pregnancy

Commonly many women in Asia (and possibly globally) are told to stop exercise during pregnancy or their belief is that it’s a time to rest and do nothing which to me, is completely absurd.

Giving birth is a significant and huge event in our lives in which we need to be fit, healthy and mentally prepared for. In my opinion us women need to train for this event – just like we would train for any other physical event.

Many believe they may cause harm to the baby through exercise but us women have a natural instinct and we know what our bodies can handle. We aren’t sick, delicate or fragile – we are strong and we have been created to do this!

It is evident that women are not exercising enough during pregnancy and putting on too much weight. I see many women waddling around, lacking strength, and holding their lower backs in pain – which makes me wonder how on earth they are going to handle labor when they struggle just to move.

As a fitness professional and someone who has been physically active my entire life, continuing exercise during my pregnancy was a no brainer.  What made me intrigued was the amount of people telling me I shouldn’t do this or do that and to be “careful” – when I knew my own body better than anyone and what did these people know anyway? Many of them male, or females who had never even had a baby of their own. Beliefs which they held that they were trying to throw onto me and make me question myself. Thankfully I am strong willed and not going to listen to others – as well as knowing and understanding my body better than most, gave me the confidence to continue doing what felt right.


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