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Julie Corbett

"GO FOR IT ! DO IT!" that's what Judy King told me to do. You see, I followed her Facebook, her twitter and subscribed to her news letter all of which are always positive, enlightening and inspiring. So when questioning my own abilities I asked her what I should do. I was 35 years old, I had two young children, I had been over 200 pounds. I wanted desperately to be a BODYCOMBAT instructor. Maybe not a life altering experience for some, but for me it was a bit scary, yet something I wanted more than anything. Judy never questioned my abilities. She got me focused on what to do. Not to think about the outcome but to train hard, bring my best, show how much I LOVED it! and have FUN!

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Kumar Ramasamy

Its not too long ago, I first came across Judy in a Body Combat 43 DVD shown to me by my dear friend John Chew(Les Mills BC presenter). Not long after I attended my very first workshop in KL. The minute the BC presenting team stepped on stage the crowd roared and soon after I could absolutely understand why! She had an amazing stage presence coupled with powerful moves and amazing connection with the crowd of instructors on the floor, her energy and excitement was contagious, the energy of the arena was off the roof!  Soon after the release was presented it was time for the education session where Judy made sure that all the BC instructors understood the essence and objectives of the release. She took time to highlight and demonstrate new moves to the instructors whilst giving guidance and advice that showed her passion and commitment to excellence.

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Laura Turner

Leaders inspire….

She grabs you physically, hooks you in emotionally and leads you on a journey to becoming a better version of yourself in ways you never thought possible. She delivers beyond expectations of great performance and sits on top of high levels of respect. She reaches our hearts as well as our minds creating an intimate emotional connection that will never be forgotten or replaced. She role models how to create experiences that allow us to give back to our participants the energy and determination they put into every single class.

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Reagan Kang

Bodypump 69 is when I first noticed her – my inspiration. She is like a machine.. She will never stop at anything in her way to get things done.

It was my first visit to the Les Mills Asia Pacific Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. The surrounding was exciting enough with the number of people and instructors walking in and out & being the newbie I was pretty awed by what was going on around me. Nevertheless I met up with this beautiful woman in the midst of everyone with the friendliest smile and excitement in her eyes.

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Jennifer Tan

 "I just wanted to say thank you again for everything during the course.  I feel extremely blessed to have had a trainer such as yourself, and feel even more determined to go after my goals now that I've seen what can be achieved - if I can learn so much in just a few days, then I'm really looking forward to the progress I can potentially make in the future, both near and far!

The knowledge you imparted on us, along with your motivation and faith in us as a team was truly inspiring."

Jennifer Tan (Instructor - Fitness First, Singapore)

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Fabiana Santucci

 "Thanks so much for taking the time to give me all that feedback about my teaching and my class. I have found it extremely useful and even before this feedback, I knew that I had many things to improve but I did not have someone experienced enough to point me in the right direction and to highlight the points that I needed to improve on. I am so glad and touched that you trust and believe in my abilities.

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Donald Cruz

 "I am really thankful to my mentor Judy for inspiring me to pursue my journey as a BODYPUMP instructor.  I learned a lot from her when we did the BODYPUMP module training and I will always remember how she transformed my life from an ordinary member of the gym to a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor.

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