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Bootylicious is my women’s-only, small group training programme designed to shape your booty into one you are proud to wear! You are provided with all of the necessary tools to get you into bootylicious shape in only 6 weeks! And guess what? You get me as your own personal trainer, 3 times a week without having to sell your treasures!

Plus, you get to workout in a group with other like minded women – all working towards the same goal! This means, more motivation , energy and support.

Inspiration, empowerment, action packed fun and serious training to achieve real results is what we are about. It is a full body programme designed to trim body fat, elevate cardiovascular fitness, boost energy and enhance tone.

You will also be educated about nutrition as this plays a big role in achieving your results. Be guided every step of the way, with a nutritional plan and diary to keep you accountable.

Have you got what it takes to make this commitment?

To participate in this 6 week training and nutritional programme, you pay $350USD – that is less than $20USD per session!

Please contact me for more information

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